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  • Stretch, also known as stretch film, shrink film, with high transparency, vertical elongation, yield point, high transverse tear strength, puncture resistance and other characteristics. Stretch of applications is very broad, mainly used in conjunction with a tray of scattered commodities whole set packaging, instead of a small container. Because it can reduce the quantities of goods transport packaging costs by more than 30%, which is widely used in metal, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery and other products of the entire set of packaging; in warehouse storage areas, greater use abroad pallet stretch film packaging dimensional storage to save space and area.
    (1) uniform thickness, anti-buffer strength, tear resistance to puncture a good performance, surface treatment of high tension, high-strength composites and other materials, cost-effective, has a high tensile strength, tear strength, good transparency and good retraction force, the pre-stretch ratio of 400%.
    (2) container, waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft and other scattered and low-temperature heat sealing properties ﹑ good thermal performance, transparency, good gloss, stiffness, good moisture resistance, excellent thermal performance, easy heat sealing characteristics.
    (3) has a good self-adhesive, so make wrapped objects into a whole, to prevent the transport of scattered collapse, excellent contact with food safety, demonstrate performance, does not affect the flavor of the food contents.
    PE stretch film is widely used in exports, bottle irrigation system, paper, metal appliances, plastics, chemicals, building materials, agricultural products, food and other industries.
    Our annual production width 50cm, thickness 0.015mm, 0.018mm, 0.02mm, 0.025mm of stretch film.

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