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    Acquire a kind of purchase, wholesale guaranteed!
    Get paid within 15 days after the sample, the second shop to purchase over 1,000 yuan to return the sample fee.
    Samples were shipped, do not pick the color, pick the code, and each buyer purchase one.
    Take-like rules
    Take a sample price of 1 yuan / square meter
    The number of samples 100 m2
    Sample Description Spot
    Freight shipping is consistent with the product

    Material Other uses printed film post-processing manufacturers (Origin), Dongguan City, Guangdong
    Thickness 23 (mm) Tensile properties of good manufacturing process rolling method
    Good color width 30 ~ 1200 (mm) suitable for printing and packaging products
    BOPP market leader, widely used: cosmetics, luxury goods, electronics, and other advanced packaging products.
    Scratch dumb film features: scratch-resistant, nails scraping does not spend
    Scratch Film Features: designed for all kinds of advanced coating process for packaging products, highly scratch resistant, perfectly protecting the original fine prints and other graphic information. The product: dazzling luster, very wear-resistant surface and super scratch ability.
      Tactile membrane Features: This product has a comfortable and strong, like peach skin and wool velvet to the touch, is a senior pursuing distinctive packaging products ideal choice.
      Laminating film features: water directly over the film without glue 


    √ velvet uniform surface appearance, good transparency
    √ ideal for UV spot varnish
    √ very suitable for hot stamping
    √ adhesion strength
    √ easy to wipe fingerprints
    √ dumb of about 1-5 degrees
    Silky smooth, feel good.


    → water film (wet film)
    Thickness: 18 microns, length: 3,000 meters, suitable for all wet lamination process. )
    → precoating type (dry film)
    Thickness: 28 m, length: 3000 m, for all the heat lamination process. (Treatment temperature at 100 - 120 ℃, dependent on the machine type, processing speed, and the surface of the printed circuit board)


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