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    Custom processing materials bopp laminating film thickness (1.7-3.0) um (mm)
    Scope packaging printing and packaging uses protective film
    Product Description: This product is non-toxic and pollution-free, high transparency, high gloss, low static, wear flowers, Corona value of long aging, less defects, good opening, mainly for printing, bag, making tape and a composite with other substrates. Widely used in clothing, food packaging, clean and dust-free operation requires workshop production. Eat powder capacity, after blistering and Tuomo bump. Matte laminating film can adapt to local UV coating film after stamping, screen printing, scrub and other processes.
    Operation is simple: just hot roll temperature to meet the requirements, you can feel free to film, no professional skills, improve efficiency high efficiency, and reduce costs.
    Compatible Models Factory: This product adapted to dry laminating machine, the original solvent laminating machine simply gluing and heating and drying equipment shutdown can be used, without changes to the original equipment.
    Laminating equipment: dry, wet laminating machine
    Hot roll temperature: Normal print: 85 ~ 100 ℃
    Special printed: 100 ~ 110 ℃
    Pressure: 10 ~ 18Mpa
    Speed: 8 ~ 50m / min
    Note: Special print refers to the thickness of the ink, color depth, water weight, the paper quantitatively large print

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