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    Material PP film applications for food manufacturers (Origin) Jinjiang, Fujian
    The thickness of 2.5 (mm) Tensile properties biaxially oriented production process other processes
    Color colorful effect width 20 ~ 150 (mm)

    Acquire a kind of purchase, wholesale guaranteed!
    Get paid within 30 days after the sample, the second shop to purchase over 3,000 return the sample fee.
    Samples were shipped, do not pick the color, pick the code, and each buyer purchase one.
    Take-like rules
    Take the sample price of 21 yuan / kg
    Number of samples 10 kg
    Sample Description Spot
    Freight shipping is consistent with the product
    Functional use
         Especially good on paper coating significantly improved texture, print stiffness, increase print quality and achieve waterproof function effectively cut across the air and to avoid contact with the printed surface of yellow to achieve permanent preservation. Is inkjet printing, laser printing, offset printing, copying, letterpress printing, mimeograph, photographs, screen printing, writing paper after the ideal film.
    8 big advantage coating
         1, the film can be printed on UV oil, bronzing, after processing; plastic is not too common.
         2, the film even after the print can be folded easily curl delamination; not bend over after ordinary plastic, folding, easy delamination.
         3, the film (Asian film) can be printed with a ballpoint pen after writing; unable to write after a plastic ordinary.
         4, the film is widely used in coating inkjet paper, photo paper, uncoated paper, uneven texture art paper; ordinary plastic can only be used over smooth uncoated paper.
         5, laminating film roll film are soft, the weight of the film with bright, Asian films, pattern film; ordinary light film had only one kind of plastic.
         6, film laminating film is wound continuous operation, production efficiency higher than normal over the plastic.
         7, roll laminating film can achieve A3, A4, and other specifications to get a roll, having to prepare a variety of different sizes, like a plastic material to the general; laminating supplies are generally lower than the cost of a plastic and cold laminating.
         8, the film is a hot melt glue, no excess glue after cooling, clean cut neatly finished; after Lengbiao incision will overflow glue, glue dust prints edge after dark very ugly


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