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Eight Development Tendency of the future of the printing industry

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  With the emergence of CTP, the development of digital printing industry is also growing fast. In such a trend, but also the development of enterprises will be like a trend it in simple terms have the following eight trends.
  1. Digital connection with customers
  Print job is made into electronic files, all files are transmitted via high-speed long-distance communication for delivery. In some cases may be T-1 or T-3 lines or ISDN or any other means of communication: the case of the other documents may be passed through the Internet or Intranet. File transfer, including electronic work orders, and digital workflow for processing documents since the different steps in the process, the customer and printing services organically linked, which is the phenomenon of the past, never.
  2. Remote Proofing
  Proofing is the printing industry's most important part of the contents, before entering the workflow for proofing is very significant, and in the customer's own office in the sample can be more meaningful proofing. The problem is how to transfer the file back to the client where color management. Whether or sublimation inkjet proofing proofing, or other types of printing, file passed to customers before they need to be handled professionally, so that the file has a certain color control. Arguing with and without network outlets will continue until the next century.
  3. waterless printing
  Waterless printing advantage in reducing waste and improving quality is obvious. But only a few of the plate supplier, and the printing is also very special, which greatly limits its widely accepted. Currently CTP system by several vendors produce digital watermark-free version, some of the press is ready to wait for waterless printing refrigeration system access. Waterless printing using only a liquid - ink, rather than using the fountain solution. Demand for this new printing method on the market is increasing.
  Stochastic screening - and do not use film .CTP FM screening system makes it relatively easy, FM screening era coming. Use CTP system allows work to do better, its market share is growing. 1992 FM network has just appeared, almost no users to use this network. The interest now it has resumed.
  4.CTP technology
  CTP technology is several advantages: a to eliminate some of the problems may be caused by the process of printing from film to;.
  . b faster positioning, because CTP devices may enable more accurate location of dot placement;
  . c omit the steps can make the print cycle is shorter; next d in most cases can guarantee better quality.
  Current sales figures show, CTP is occupying the market.
     5. Digital to outlets to printing
  Pixel to the product page. Process control has been automated, from the digital pages to the final product. Consider using barcode inside track from the beginning to create a job to know the progress of all aspects of the job situation in the current state. If CIP3 is open, non-proprietary method, which is an acceptable method. Otherwise, the market had to find a better way.
  6. Technology Integration
  The system is placed in an inkjet printer is an example of technology integration in the implementation. I recently heard one of the best systems integration example is the color printing services Indigo and Xeikon presses together to offer. First Xeikon printing presses use a lot of copies, and then printed in black ink on the Indigo printing machine to make more features. Integrated offset and inkjet printers, printing and reproduction of these efforts is to better results.
  A multiple output files from a digital file - File application file and the RIP between files - output to any proofing or printing equipment possible. AcrobatPDF is the most promising method, which can be generated from the device file to copy files between the mobile device file, eliminating the PostScript incompetence, accelerated workflow.
  7. Variable Data Printing
  Whether you use a toner or inkjet, electronic publishing is rapidly evolving, as some of the new mid-range digital color printing systems are entering the market. In less than a year, sales XeroxDocucolor system and CannonCLC1000 system has exceeded all sales of high-end digital presses. They have the ability to output direct mail and customized products, typical application is a new type of security printing.
  8. Digital Advertising
  Whether it is TIFFIT or PDF format, ads will be inserted into the form of electronic documents among newspapers and magazines, as these publications by CTP output. Mentioned here is placedPDF biggest news will allow these Smart Documents, or directly into the Quark Press Page Maker page, files may include text, image, color, font and some other information.

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