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Corrugated board is first processed into corrugated corrugated paper, then use the adhesive from both sides of the corrugated surface and intermediate layers bonded together, so that the middle was a hollow cardboard structure, which has a high strength, stiffness, pressure resistance strength and so on. Because of its special properties, is now widely used in product packaging.

In recent years, the international community, especially in Europe and other countries, the ultra-thin super micro-corrugated board quietly occupied more and more of corrugated board market, because it also has a corrugated cardboard and cardboard better physical properties and printability. Compared with the traditional thick cardboard, it has good strength, cushioning and strong, flexible, and save materials, light weight, good printing effect and so on. Compared with the traditional micro-corrugated cardboard corrugated board, with flute small, crisp high, compact, rugged good smooth, thin material, compression performance, can be used directly offset printing and other features, changed in the past only in flexographic direct printing on offset presses and only after the first printing laminating production process, simplifying the process, shortening the production cycle, improve production efficiency.

Commonly used micro-corrugated board has F-type (0.75mm), G-type (0.5mm), N-type (0.46mm), O type (0.3mm), are three layers namely tissues, paper and bottom paper heart Lenz . While micro-corrugated board also has the following characteristics: (1) high intensity, can enhance protection products, increased by 40% over the cardboard strength; (2) Light weight, 40% lighter than cardboard, corrugated board mounted light than cover 20 %; (3) the surface smooth, exquisite, colorful, a more intense visual effects and so on.

1. Principles and offset printing on corrugated board requirements

There are commonly used in corrugated board printing flexo printing, gravure and offset printing glossy paper first and then pasting and other methods. Among them, the flexographic printing is the most common, but printing precision is not very high, generally only a few low-grade rough printed cartons, and gravure and offset printing processes are pre-printed, that is, first printed tissue paper and then have to carry out bond deal, although can get better quality, but the process complexity, high cost. Therefore, offset printing directly on corrugated board is a new process for the packaging and printing industry to pursue. The current KBA Rapida 105 and Roland 700, 900 can be directly offset in micro-corrugated board, and to achieve a high level of print quality.

Offset printing is the use of water-immiscible laws of nature, almost in the same plane on the plate, so that the graphic part of only the ink absorption, only a blank part of the adsorbed water, and by the blanket of the graphic ink transferred to the substrate . Offset due to its higher image reproduction and color reproduction capability, is currently the most widely used and most technologically sophisticated printing. Currently in China accounted for 50% of all printing to paper-based printing. In recent years, with the rapid development of packaging printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing, screen printing has made tremendous development, the development momentum and offset the decline in the ratio.

Currently, due to the offset printing directly on the micro-corrugated printing technology has made a breakthrough, making the offset printing process will be revitalized. In the field of traditional fiber cardboard boxes, such as alcohol, small appliances, shoes, hardware, microelectronics, computer software, counter sales displays, fast food, etc., offset printing because of its good quality, has already begun with the traditional thick corrugated cardboard for the market.

But the offset to be used in the fountain solution (fountain solution is to make the blank part of the main plate to keep clean, the main ingredient is water fountain solution), so that makes the offset printing process becomes very complicated. Mixed ink and water, will produce ink emulsification, water absorption will be deformed cardboard, generating intensity variation, so that the ink color, viscosity, drying properties are affected, so the ink balance control becomes critical. If water is too large, make excessive ink emulsification, dry slower, lighter color, especially corrugated cardboard will absorb more water leaving the compressive strength and surface strength decline, can not even afford the printing pressure and collapsed.

Board size increases, so that the deformation in glossy paper and inconsistent, making it worse printability, and therefore the amount of water directly offset corrugated board control of water than ordinary paper printing more stringent controls. And if the ink is too big, it will produce dot gain, level and grade, from dirty and other faults. Therefore, in the printing process must control the ink-water balance, especially water.

Direct offset printing corrugated board in pressure control, require more light than ordinary paper. Since the intermediate corrugated corrugated board is empty, if the pressure is too large, it will generate dot gain, and grade-level fault, and it will produce 'washboard' phenomenon, will produce serious crush. Therefore, to be more precise pressure control.

Due to the special structure of corrugated board and special requirements such offset generally use more specific, better compression and certain hardness blanket, so that you can pass the blanket to cover the different anti-compression deformation corrugated surface compression performance and deformation properties to improve print quality.

2. The impact of offset printing on corrugated board

(1) on the strength of corrugated board

Offset the enormous pressure will decrease the compressive strength of corrugated board; dampening solution makes use cardboard surface strength and compressive strength decreased due to water absorption.

(2) 'washboard' phenomenon

Washboard phenomenon corrugated board printing is the most common quality problems in printing good if not better control the pressure and the amount of ink may cause this phenomenon.

(3) Ink imbalance

In offset printing ink balance the greatest impact on quality, especially excessive water has a greater impact on micro-corrugated cardboard.

(4) the pH of the fountain solution

Too acidic will slow drying, etching plates; too weak acid can not be effectively hydrophilic protective layer is formed on a blank portion of the printing plate.

(5) the performance of blanket

Performance blanket including surface properties and compression set properties, surface properties is to absorb the ink and ink transfer guarantee, and compression performance is at the basis of the availability of high-quality corrugated board image.

Direct offset printing micro-corrugated cardboard, is a new printing process on the printing effects and print quality have reached a very high level, basically with comparable print quality of the paper, it will be high-grade corrugated boxes, cartons preferred cardboard packaging, packaging and printing companies can bring huge economic benefits, is one of the main directions of the future development of offset printing, offset printing, which is the development of re-ignited the light.

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