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AQSIQ: the quality of the printing industry competitiveness increase of over 25%

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AQSIQ today released the 2010 National Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report quality. According to the more than 250,000 manufacturing enterprises related data estimated that in 2010 the country's manufacturing quality competitiveness index reached 82.57, compared with 2009 improved 0.43.

These reports, our domestic and international situation correctly grasp the new features of the new changes, maintain policy continuity and stability, the economy maintained a steady improvement in the quality of growth momentum. Further enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing quality, for the strategic adjustment of economic structure transformation and economic development, "1025" period laid a solid foundation.

Quality competitiveness index reflects the overall level of quality competitiveness of China's manufacturing technology an economic indicator is the overall condition of the quality of products and actively explore effective supervision, for the first time since September 2006 has been released is the sixth annual publication . Statistics, estimates, publish the index, has become one of China's implementation of strong measures the quality of macroeconomic management. QCI by standardized scoring 12 statistical indicators to generate linear weighted scores range between 60-100 points.

According to the 2010 National Manufacturing Quality Competitiveness Index report, 29 manufacturing sectors, 20 industry competitiveness index has improved. QCI at a higher level and to maintain a steady growth of industry and special equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and culture, office machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing.

From 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) manufacturing point of view, the quality competitiveness index 26 regions have increased, scoring more than 80 points in provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the number reached 20. Among them, the manufacturing quality competitiveness index Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hunan and other eight regions in 85 or more. Eastern, central and western regional manufacturing quality competitiveness index 85.90,81.54,80.92 respectively, compared with 2009 increased by 0.80,1.27,0.30.

National Manufacturing Competitiveness quality continues to improve steadily mainly in product technology, quality management infrastructure significantly improved the quality of the pillar industries to enhance cost control and other aspects.

The report shows that, with the advance of global economic integration process, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, has won international trade initiative, China's manufacturing enterprises to adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards has intensified. Thousand of key industrial enterprises nationwide information network quality statistics show that since 2008, the proportion of China's manufacturing industry adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards of production of product output continues to increase, from 59.11%, 63.13%

Increased to 70.75%. 29 manufacturing industries, furniture manufacturing, wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, brown, grass products industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other four industries to adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards of products output reached 90% the above.

In 2010, the country's manufacturing enterprises in force quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification to reach 210,000, and in 2009 an increase of 27,000, an increase of 14.68%. Among them, the leather and leather products, printing industry, pharmaceutical industry growth rate of over 25%.

In 2010, the national statistics of key industrial enterprises Thousand display quality information network, the mass loss rate of general equipment, electronic communications, transportation, equipment and other pillar industries decreased, respectively, compared with 2009 decreased 0.29,0.28,0.24,0.18 percentage points.

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