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Stone paper: the printing industry to create a new pattern of green paper industry

Category:Industry News  Date:2014-12-31  Views:1326  [BACK]
"Our environmental alternative rock paper application is stronger than the traditional paper, but is not afraid of water, natural degradation, can be recycled, reducing carbon dioxide emissions only from the limited perspective of plastic garment bag, it is in short supply." Held recently Anhui planetarium on Long UNITA green paper press conference, the mayor of the city of Huaibei cattle crossbow Tao gives such a suggestion.

     "China has 90 million tons a year of paper consumption, our goal is to push the stone green paper's share rose to occupy the Chinese paper industry, 1/10, there will be nearly 10 million tons in the market." Mentioned the future target, as the world's first mass production of environmentally friendly stone paper companies, chairman Huaibei City Theatre Long UNITA green paper company Ling said of hair.

     It is understood that in the past the so-called stone paper, calcium carbonate content of less than 60%, can only be called "synthetic stone", while Sky Dragon League manufactured stone paper, calcium carbonate content of 80%, and access include the United States, Japan, the European Union and other 47 countries patents. According to Ling hair, the "Sky Dragon UNITA green paper company began mass production this year to become the world's first rock paper production enterprises, the first plant is expected to produce 360,000 tons of paper so that the stones no longer remain in the laboratory stage and began to enter the homes of ordinary people. "

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