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Publishing digital transformation, green printing and digital printing direction

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     The theme of "Science and Technology Progress and publishing and printing industry," Third Cross Publishing Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen, more than 500 delegates from both sides of the news publishing industry to publish digital transformation, green printing and digital printing to expand the exchange of development.

     Deputy Director of the State Press and Publication Administration Wu Shulin, Quanguotailian president Liang Guoyang, Press and Publication Bureau of Fujian Province Guo home, China Printing Technology Association in John Cham, Taiwan Book Publishing Association 陈恩泉 attended the opening ceremony.

     Wu Shulin said in his speech, the peaceful development of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in relation to the news publishing industry has brought a good opportunity, Press and Publication Administration will continue to support efforts to increase cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in the press and publishing. At present, the Straits Forum news publishing industry has become closely linked strait news publishing industry, exchanges and cooperation, and discuss the development of an important platform for the industry hopes the two sides to give full play to their strengths, conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation, enhance innovation, joint mining and integration resources, open up Chinese markets in the world.

     Wu Shulin also on behalf of Press and Publication Administration, issued a decision to benefit Taiwan policy in Fujian pilot of five publishing and Fujian Provincial Press and Publication Bureau requires the development of specific measures implement them.

     Guo family said Fujian will seize the State Council approved the "Western Shore Economic Zone Development Plan" favorable opportunity, through real work, expanding cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in the press and publishing, enhance the national feelings of compatriots on both sides, and jointly promote Chinese culture to the world.

     After the opening ceremony, Zhangzhou, Fujian Polytechnic College and Shih Hsin University, Taiwan signed an academic exchange agreement. Seventh Cross-Strait Book Fair actuator Xiamen, figure groups, with the implementing agencies in Taiwan Taiwan Book Distribution Association also signed a cooperation project.

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